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Waterview Laundromat local Q&A – Louis Holani

Waterview Laundromat local Q&A – Louis Holani

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This week in the Waterview Laundromat Q&A, we chat with Otara Scorpions premier player Louis Holani. 

Let’s start with some background on your footy journey – has it always been Otara for you?

Otara has always been my club, from the under sixes through to the premiers. I am a lifer! It helps when you stay only a few houses down from the park.

Most of the team comes from the area and still live in Otara, is that bond a big part of the team?

For sure. The majority of the boys went to school together or are family members. It’s a family team and it’s good to have family and friends always around you.

Dean Hunter has coached the team for the last couple of years, tell us a bit about his style as a coach?

Dean brings a bit of old school and new school to the team. The game has developed and he is learning with it, but there’s some good old school stuff there and it’s a nice balance of new and old.

Last year you had a really good season with the Scorpions and it finished with you being selected in the Sharman Cup representative side, what was that experience like?

Yeah it was one of my better seasons. I was fit and that helped, the fitter you are the more you can do. It was a good experience in the Sharman team with different boys. 

Finally, this series is sponsored by the great people at Waterview Laundromat who also do a lot for the Otara club, how big has their support been?

Waterview Laundromat have been a big part of Otara in general. Divesh, the owner, is the man and he does so much for the community and gives more than he takes, he’s a cool guy.