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Waterview Laundromat local Q&A – Barb Murphy

Waterview Laundromat local Q&A – Barb Murphy

Kiwileaguecentral.com catches up with New Lynn Stags chairperson Barbara Murphy to discuss how things are going at the west Auckland club.Waterview Laundromat, Divesh Kumar, cheap laundromat Auckland, Otara laundromat, Waterview laundry

Talk us through your background with the club?

My family has always been involved with the New Lynn Stags, and it’s my way of being involved and giving something back to this community. I love it, I love the students, the young kids right up to the premiers. It’s such a family environment here.

How far back does that family connection go?

My father used to be the first aid officer on Saturdays down at Lawson Park, and my mum would help out making the scones and that sort of thing. My brothers all played here, my sister played netball here, my own daughter and nieces were cheerleaders at at the club for when we had finals and that sort of thing.

We have always been well involved. The club is 51 years old and I think my family have been involved right the way through.

What makes the New Lynn Stags so special in your opinion?

We are a community and family orientated club. Everyone is there for each other. There’s no in-fighting here. I’m very grateful for everyone’s work.

And how about the main issues you face right now as a club?

Facilities are a huge issue with the club. Right now I am battling with the council to get our main field up to scratch and to get proper changing rooms and public toilets. Once that happens we can utilise the club much better.

Everyone struggles to get funding, and I am very thankful for the ARL and Selwyn Pearson for his work through the Clubs of Auckland to provide gear and equipment which otherwise we wouldn’t have.

In 2018 New Lynn won the Sharman Cup Pennant competition, what did that mean?

That has actually been huge for the club. I don’t think the boys expected it, but it’s given them something to motivate them to go better next year. We are hoping we will be able to attract a few new players and battle on forward.