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PLAYER RATINGS: Fox Memorial Premiership Grand Final

PLAYER RATINGS: Fox Memorial Premiership Grand Final

The Glenora Bears won the Fox Memorial Premiership with an emphatic 26-0 victory over the Pt Chevalier Pirates on Saturday. Here’s how we rated each of the players who took the field.

Glenora Bears

1 Polima Siaki

Handled just about everything thrown at him. Cleaned up nicely as the rain came down in the second half. 6.5/10

2 Kepu Suli

Did his job but didn’t stand out. 5/10

3 To’o Alo

Had a good game out wide. Solid in defence and had a rugged edge to his attack. 6/10

4 Stanley Takulua

No obvious errors, but limited impact on the ball. 5/10

5 James Taumata

Cleaned up nicely in defence and handled the traffic sent his way. Finished his try well. 6/10

6 Jordan Tuarae

Orchestrated proceedings well, linking with his forwards to make all the right moves in the early exchanges. A real danger when he ran the ball. Great football instincts. 7.5/10

7 Phil Kingi

His scrambling defence prevented Pirates tries on a number of occasions. Led his team around the park and made sure his forwards had every opportunity to dominate, which they did. 7/10

8 Soape Kavaliku

A key contributor up front, denting the line and playing a dream platform for his spine. Demanded multiple numbers in tackles, which took it’s toll on Pt Chevalier. 7.5/10

9 Zac Tippins

Scored a try in the first half and added a composed edge to Glenora in the middle. Reliable in defence. Classy player. 7.5/10

10 Kurt Bernard

Brilliant carry for the opening try of the game. Didn’t feature much after that, but laid a platform his side to work off. His selection as Man of the Match was a little surprising – even for the man himself. 7/10

11 Paea Manukia

Excellent again for Glenora. Scored a nice try and caused real issues down his side of the field. Don’t be surprised if he’s playing at a higher level next year, the scouts are knocking. 7.5/10

12 Epalahame Lauaki

Terrorised his edge of the field with ferocious carries and niggling tactics. Played the full 80 minutes and set up a try with a long-range break. 8.5/10

13 Shane Hannam

A different forward to the others in this Glenora pack. Quality angled runs, along with his footwork and speed, complementing the rest of their work in the middle. 6.5/10


14 Aaran Swan

Ensured his team lost nothing when their starting big men went off for a rest. Another solid game from the big man. 6.5/10

15 Tulson Caird

Uncompromising in his work. Took the tough carries out of yardage and produced some big plays in defence to force errors. Deserved his try. 7/10

19 Graham Sua-Poe

Contributed two key offloads in the lead up to Glenora’s fourth try, one a line break assist, the other a try assist. Was almost untouchable for a period in the match. 8/10

17 Chase Bernard

Didn’t have a huge impact, but no negatives stood out. 5/10


Pt Chevalier Pirates

1 Siua Otunuku

After dropping his first one of the day, he recovered to be excellent under the high ball. Got involved in the attack and did well under heavy pressure off the ball. 7/10

2 Saula Solomona

Looked good the few times he got touches in good-ball situations. Sadly most of his game was spent carrying the ball of his own. 6/10

3 Dwayne Lisiua

Had a day he would probably rather forget. Badly exposed at times by Lauaki. 4/10

4 Francis Leger

Went looking for the ball when his team were under the pump. Failed to finish the match due to injury. 5/10

5 Matty Faitotoa,

Pretty good defensively and read play well from that point of view. Very limited opportunities in attack. 5.5/10

14 Kevin Locke

Lasted less than five minutes before leaving the game injured. N/A

7 Tevin Arona

Had some nice individual touches, showing nice athleticism. His game was probably hurt by the early loss of Locke. 5.5/10

8 Siliga Kepaoa

Kept turning up even with his team losing the battle in the middle of the park. His battle with Lauaki was just about worth the price of admission alone. 6/10

9 Tevita Latu

Let emotion get the better of him and hurt his side by being sent to the sin bin twice. This match didn’t reflect the quality player Latu is. 3/10

10 Eddie Paealiki

Did the job asked of him in the middle of the park. Tried hard in a well beaten pack. 6/10

16 Paki Afu

Got shown up a couple of times by Lauaki early on, but came right. A quality player who, when he puts his mind to, should be playing at a much higher level. 6.5/10

11 Preston Riki

Nice and consistent on his edge of the field. Played beyond his years when the heat came on. 7/10

13 Dylan Moses

Did everything in his power to orchestrate a comeback, but to no avail. More than justified his Auckland Player of the Year award. 6.5/10


6 Jeremiah Pai

One of Pt Chevalier’s best when he came on early to play in the halves. Competed on every play. 6.5/10

15 Jonah Sofele

Minimal impact off the bench. 5/10

17 Soane Hafunga

Held his own in what was a brutal battle in the middle. Future looks bright for this kid, who is still playing U20s for the Warriors. 6/10

18 Abraham Papali’i

Caused some headaches with his size. Probably guilty of trying too hard at times. 5.5/10