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2017 Dream Kiwi Nines team

2017 Dream Kiwi Nines team

Over the last two weeks we asked you vote for your best Kiwi Nines of 2017 team. This is the result.

1: Roger Tuivasa-Sheck

A side-stepping-tackle-swerving-speedster who is a great fit in this type of game.

2016 average runs: 8.3

2016 average run metres: 175.6

2: Jordan Rapana

Took the NRL by storm last year with his prolific try-scoring rate and ability to break the line. Arguably the best attacking winger in the business right now.

2016 line breaks: 26

2016 tries scored: 23

3: Solomone Kata

Was one of the Warriors’ best at the first ever NRL Auckland Nines back in 2014. His power means he often breaks the first tackle and his speed means he usually makes the most of it.

2016 line breaks: 16

2016 average run metres: 116.5

4: Shaun Johnson

The undisputed king of the Nines. When it comes to this concept Johnson has shown himself to be the best around, with his potent mix of agility, speed and vision resulting in some of the best moments seen at the NRL Auckland Nines.

2016 tries scored: 10

2016 line breaks: 15  

5: Tuimoala Lolohea

If Johnson is the king, this guy is the potential prince. His natural abilities make him an excitement machine in the condensed version of the game.

2016 line breaks: 14

2016 average run metres 92.9

6: Jesse Bromwich

Speed is well and good, but you still have to win the middle when you’re playing Nines, and there’s few Kiwis better suited to that job than Bromwich.

2016 average run metres: 147.9

2016 average tackles: 30.4

7: Issac Luke

Crafty from the play the ball, and he still has the pace and smarts to take advantage of the extra space on offer in Nines.

2016 offloads: 24

2016 average tackles: 30.7

8: Jason Taumalolo

Big enough to go through your defence, agile enough to go around it if you hesitate in the tackle. The ultimate power forward who compliments the halves and backs in this team perfectly.

2016 average run metres: 165

2016 line breaks: 11

9: Martin Taupau

Versatile enough to go between the edge of the field and the middle. A damaging runner with a quick play the ball which can set up room for his outside men.

2016 average run metres: 142.7

2016 offloads: 32

(Main photo: photosport.nz).